The Role of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have carved a niche for itself by offering feasibility, convenience, and comfort in our lives. There are millions of apps available on app stores for various purposes or solely for entertainment. Irrespective what you would want to do, example — for booking a movie ticket, to learn yoga or merely to consult a doctor for some medical symptoms; there is an app for everything! Our lives are more affluent and advanced today — thanks to the apps that can guide us and perform tasks on our behalf.

Businesses have been quick to identify this transformation and hence, almost all business verticals such as retail, restaurant, healthcare, tourism, finance, banking, education, and technology are coming up with a brand new business mobile app to get the users attention. Having an app presence is no more an option; it has become a necessity to sustain and grow. Each day, thousands of mobile apps are uploaded on the various app stores with an aim to make a difference. However, not all apps succeed.

Cut-throat competition has empowered customers. They don’t just want products or services; they also wish for a superior and highly satisfactory experience. If your mobile app fails to deliver, it’s not going anywhere. Customers expect the app to excel in all the departments. Serving the core purpose is just one thing; your app should be highly engaging with attractive design and layout, should have easy-to-use navigation.

The app design and appearance is the first thing that the customer notices. Hence, it should be visually appealing and tempting enough to engage their attention. This need for an appeal is the core reason mobile UI/UX design plays a significant role to stand out amongst all.

First of all, let’s understand what UI and UX actually are:

UI (User Interface)

It is not just about the aesthetic appeal and design. It covers other aspects of the app too. The user interface is measured after considering many components such as an overall flow of the app, functionalities, streamlined navigation, and features. If the user interface is good, it helps to engage customers, improve retention rates and increase brand awareness.

User Experience (UX)

As the term depicts, the user experience is all about how a user feels about the app. Here, each aspect of the app is counted. From features to functionalities to design to navigation, everything comes under the UX umbrella. Ultimately, customers must engage with the app and take adequate action that you might want them to take. It is the designer who researches about the app design and comes up with industry-specific, innovative and alluring app design.

Customer satisfaction

An app with an attractive design and flawless yet straightforward navigation will connect with the users easily. There is a high probability that users will only take the expected action if they are content with the overall experience. Furthermore, users will also promote the app with word-of-mouth publicity. It will automatically increase revenues and brand loyalty too. Remember, today’s millennials love to share their opinions and experiences, especially on social media platforms. A good review will inevitably lead to more downloads, and a bad review will undoubtedly affect your brand reputation.

Understanding the audience

While designing the app, UI/UX designers take into account the needs of the target audience. From selecting colors of the screen to features and functionalities, they make sure that the audience gets a personal appeal while using the app, which will eventually lead to increased, downloads and ROI.

Brand Building

When the customer experience is excellent and appealing, users remember it. Hence, they certainly will visit the app often in the future for the same kind of experience. This regularity will take your brand to the next level! A happy client-company relationship helps the brand to prosper and grow.

Time and cost-effective

A good app does not require an upgrade very often; this saves your time and money. Also, updates need a great deal of time and funds, whereas an app with rich UI/UX design will undoubtedly help businesses to save both. It is beneficial for startups with budget constraints.

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Uniformity is essential

Uniformity is important. It offers an excellent experience to the users and improves familiarity with the app. Hence, make sure the layout, fonts, colors are the same or comparable. Users should be able to use the app with comfort and ease.

Design should be simple

When it comes to design, opt for a simple and rational design. Believe me; users love simplicity. In addition to that, make an app that requires minimal user input, as people don’t prefer to type a lot from mobiles. Hence, keep minimal information to keep their interests intact. Moreover, users also don’t like cluttered mobile apps with complex navigation and poor interface. Design an app that is straightforward and simple.

Faster Downloads

Users always prefer an app or a website with good downloading speed. It is an important aspect of the UI/UX design. Users generally move to another app when the loading time is too long. An ideal application should download within seconds to attract the user’s interest. Also, good downloading speed improves retention rates.

Use standard elements

Unfamiliar icons, colors, symbols might disinterest the user. Always employ standard elements that are popular. The main benefit is that the users won’t have to make any cognitive download to understand the app. It will eventually improve the user experience as they will find the app, easy to use.

Make the app more interactive

Interactive apps are the ones who are exceedingly functional with splendid navigation and features. Here, colors, icons, fonts too play a crucial part to make the app more interactive and eye-catching. Make sure that your app does not have too many colors as it will not look pleasant. Users would love an interactive app that has a sound appearance and flawless navigation and layout.

Use Large Formats and Visuals

How you arrange your app’s visuals and formats, is quite important. Generally, large formats interest the users more when we talk about the app environment. Also, the content arrangement is essential. Ensure that the app has relevant content with proper spacing to make it more impressive. The content arrangement should be made in a manner that users find it easy to use and understand.

Use High-resolution Images

Poor images don’t just make your app look bad; it also demeans your brand. It’s something that you should avoid! Always use high-resolution images that are supported by all the devices. An ideal UI/UX designer will ensure that the images are high in resolution and don’t blur when opened.

Use Few Fonts

We all want to develop an app that has striking features and an impressive layout. To make this happen, ensure that you use minimum fonts. There are many advantages to it. Your app will not look cluttered, and also, you will be able to achieve your branding goals. Users love apps with few fonts.

Before you start developing an app, you need to first understand your target audience. It is the prerequisite for designing a great app. Once you are clear about it, you would be able to create a meaningful and feature-rich app that’ll serve the core purpose. Also, your app should facilitate some additional value for your target audiences; else, they might not even give it a second look.
A most comprehensive approach to know your target audience is to opt for a market research campaign. Know your target audience and research their pain points. Later, think about the possible solutions and deploy them to the app.

In addition to that, knowing your target audience will also help you to determine certain UI/UX design features. If you know what they love and what they don’t, it’ll help you to design a user-friendly app.

An app with flawless and attractive UI/UX design is what you’ll need to carve your niche in a robust and competitive market. The sure-shot success formula is to make a difference and get more downloads and revenues. Hire mobile app development agency who are updated with the latest technologies. Create an app that adds some value to the users. A superior user interface and intuitive user experience will undoubtedly put your app ahead in the race.

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