React Native aiding Android and iOS Mobile App Development

Android and iOS mobile OS platforms are the two major platforms that rule the mobile tech world. Not only do these OS platforms share the most significant chunk of the audience, they often hold the flame of innovation and guide the mobile tech realm to newer heights. Since it gives a more extensive user base to work on, app developers are looking for a platform that can aid them in proper app development. React Native comes to the rescue in this situation as it is immensely cost-effective and has been a top-rated platform for mobile app development in the time gone by.

React Native aiding Android and iOS mobile app development

A few years ago mobile app development companies used to deploy two different teams for iOS and Android app development. The companies were using different platforms to set the tone for the mobile app development process but not anymore. With React Native, using single code JavaScript, the app developers can do the development process more interactively and naturally.

React Native has a lot to offer in the app development process for iOS and Android platforms; Let us have a detailed look at everything.

Why React Native is iOS and Android platform friendly?

As discussed earlier, React Native is a widely renowned platform used by cross-platform app development service providers; thus, it helps in shortening the time taken for the mobile app development. According to researches, React Native takes about 33% less time for app development as compared to the other platforms. Mobile apps developed using React Native gives the feel of the Native apps to the users as none of the features are subdued in making the app. Moreover, since the organization doesn’t need to deploy two different teams to cover the mobile app development for both the OS platform, the cost is reduced.

All of us are aware of the fact that both Android and iOS have different kinds of audiences, thus require a selective approach in terms of mobile app development. With React Native’s single code policy, it allows you to reuse the codes so that you can use the same code for both the platforms. Up to 90% of the codes can be reused with React Native. Working with React Native will allow the app developers to make the code from scratch and make it according to the requirement. Since it is open-source, more tools can be added to make the mobile app appealing to the audience and eradicate all kinds of shortcomings. From the user’s perspective also, the apps developed by React Native App Development companies provide consistency across all the conditions, thus giving much support to the business.

The user interface build through React Native is very interactive as it employs declarative programming. When you are using native mobile app development, you need to create separate lines for a specific work which is not the case with cross-platform app development. It is much easier to spot the bugs and correct them and save the time that is done in rework. It is straightforward to create an interface that is liked by the user by the flexibility provided by the platform as it gives real cross-platform app development and makes the result a treat for the users.

Since React Native works on JavaScript, it is effortless to spot the bugs and fix them. JavaScript is a more accessible language to work and understand for the app developers, thus making the bug spotting work hassle-free. Even though JavaScript is not as automated as Java, the compiler in it can spot many bugs with ease so that the app developer can rectify at the correct point of time. The JavaScript also enables the app developers to find hidden bugs which can cause a lot of hindrance in the later stages of mobile app development. With hot reloading, the fixation of bugs can be done on the go, and mobile app maintenance becomes cheaper.

The process of mobile app development through React Native on Android and iOS OS platforms becomes simpler and thus helps the organization to achieve their higher goals. According to data research, JavaScript is the most popular programming language on Github with 2.3 million requests.

Taking the popularity of JavaScript into consideration, you know that the app developed on React Native gets a significant number of assistance from the app developers’ community. Thus, there will be no unexpected hurdle during the process of mobile app development. The other benefit of working with the React Native platform is it is very compatible with including the newer technologies. Thus with the changing versions of the OS platform, the integration can be done seamlessly.

The leaner the mobile app is, the easier it is to load onto the app store. Customers these days do not like to dedicate a large amount of space to a certain kind of app as they use their mobile phone for several purposes. A massive mobile app will take much time to load and will ill effect the user experience of the customer. Bad user experience can prove fatal for your mobile app as it will reduce the interest of the user in the app and slimmer your chances of retaining them. React Native helps in cutting down the unwanted things from the app and compiles everything in more optimal size. Although there is no compromise on the features, the platform takes care of including only those that are for the targeted audience. The agile development not only saves money but makes the development process smoother so that you can get the desired results.

Wrapping up

React Native has all the ingredients of being the perfect cross-platform app development framework for Android and iOS. The app developers can use the platform according to the requirement of the targeted audience that can prove to be a boon in defining the popularity of the mobile app. As the medium of app development is within the budget constraints, even the bootstrapped startups or the upcoming companies can use it to make their product reach a more significant number of audiences.

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