Clearing the air by debunking The Myths associated with Cloud Computing

Companies and Organizations are using Cloud Computing for more than a decade now in some form or another. Despite this, many myths are surrounding the technology that refrains companies from using it in a full-fledged manner. Due to these myths, the companies cannot realize and use cloud computing to its full potential. This hesitation in return hampers the companies' progress in the long run. There are some common myths related to a cloud technology like security concerns, costs, and the inability of cloud computing to work on the latest technologies.

Cloud computing is known for its ability to act as a catalyst in driving business agility and support rapid innovations. Cloud computing also allows companies to adopt innovative ways to go about their business and helps them to increase their customer engagement. Similarly, Big Data and Cloud Computing together will be a boon for businesses to turn things in favor of the businesses.

Myths and Realities about Cloud Computing

There are mainly three types of cloud computing services that are being used by companies viz: Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud. In Public cloud, the Hosting is done by the vendor at vendor premises; For Private, the Infrastructure is limited to a single organization; And, when the Public and Private Cloud is used together, it is known as a Hybrid Cloud.

Therefore, without much ado, let us head straight to the top 7 myths that are prevalent in the tech market related to cloud computing.

Myths and Realities about Cloud Computing


There is a general notion of considering Cloud Computing as a platform that is not secured. But on the contrary, according to the data, there have been very fewer security breaches on any of the cloud platforms. Thus the clear advice to the organizations here is not to consider talks related to security breaches in cloud computing as a majority of them are not true. The cloud service providers always demonstrate the offerings given by the cloud computing technology. The demonstration is enough to gauge the capacity of the technology and how secure the cloud platform is for the organization’s daily use.

Not Apt for Critical usage

The belief of Cloud Computing being an ‘All or nothing’ technology is wrong, as the adaption of it can be done and is done for specific cases. The implementation of cloud services in complex, mission-critical tasks can prove to be an asset for the organization as it can bifurcate them in proper order and go about their business in a well-structured manner. Moreover, with cloud computing, Hybrid solutions can also play a critical role during the crucial moments as cloud computing can be integrated with all the latest technologies. According to a survey by Oracle and MIT Tech, about 46% of the managers feel that by using Cloud computing at important junctures, the working procedure of their organization has improved significantly.

Slow Building Process

Given the fact that cloud computing works on a large scale, people think that building a cloud platform could take months and make their development cycle slow. On the contrary, it just takes a few days to build a cloud platform to work on the organizational level. The efficient cloud service providing companies take care of all the aspects related to migration and will provide you all the tools that are needed to make the process quick and hassle-free. Since everything is done with a plan in cloud computing, the set doesn’t take more than a few days to get ready for fully functioning.

Costly and not Flexible

Cloud computing is a flexible technology. Moreover, it is also a modular structure that can help you grow your business. Being a flexible solution, the cloud service providers have all the means to meet the needs of your business and keep it in a healthy state. The modular structure helps the organization to pay only for those services that they are opting for, thus making it a very cost-effective service. Apart from being cost-effective, it also gives you a chance to take more control of your tools and scale them down when they are not required. Cloud computing will also help you achieve your predefined target without adding new hardware, thus keeping all the requirements in check.

Unreliable Technology

Cloud computing does the best job when it comes to data management. It is a reliable technology and does tremendously well in backing up your data better than all your previous techniques. Cloud services providers would act as a savior for your business if you had trouble maintaining a consistent backup of your data. Cloud computing has automated backups that make sure that none of your data is lost, and recovery is done easily at the time of trying circumstances.

Less Control

As cloud computing is an automated technology, it is often mistaken as a technology that will not give you full control over itself. But in reality, precisely the opposite of it is true. It allows you to see and access the data from wherever and whenever you want in a neatly designed synchronized manner. The cloud service providing companies will give you access and passwords to view and control the data right from the start. Therefore, all you need to have is an uninterrupted internet connection in order to manage all your data from anywhere in the world.

Ill Effect on the Compliance

This is a myth that has no base whatsoever. A good cloud service provider will more than ensure that you are compliant throughout the process. Companies often worry about compliance because of the rapid change in the tech world and the dynamic up-gradation of the technology. All the legal standards can be easily met in the cloud computing technology so that the companies won’t face any problem in going about their business. The compliance standards are set according to the industry, and cloud computing services can adjust to all due to their flexible nature.


Cloud computing is a one-stop solution to what can be the biggest problems for businesses in the future, i.e., storage of data. Therefore, whether your company belongs to the private or public sector, you should consider including cloud computing services in all your day to day work. Opting for cloud would help your organization to stay afloat in this rapidly changing business scenario in the long run.

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